Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sit down, shut up, and be happy!


If you read either the comments attached below my posts, or the comments attached to the news stories, you know there are people out there who believe we are simply a bunch of whiners and we need to remind ourselves that "at least we have a job."  This has become a phrase spoken with such frequency in America that we might as well make it our motto.  "At least You have a Job" might not sound quite as cool as "In God We Trust" or "E Pluribus Unum," yet it is definitely a more fitting tagline for modern America (especially the latter.)

When did we go through such a pathetic change?  This nation was created by a bunch of hell-raisers, people who would not tolerate being abused by the powerful.  I highly doubt you would have ever heard one of our Founding Fathers say, "At least I have a job."  Or let's even look at more modern hell-raisers.  Do you think our nation would be a better place if Martin Luther King Jr. said "Thank God you have a job!" instead of "I have a dream?"  Do you think immigrant farm workers would have it better off if Cesar Chavez just gave them a pat on the back and said, "Hey, it sucks, but its a job."

Now I am by no means trying to compare myself to these great individuals, but these are the people who inspire me.  They did not wait for the people to learn about their causes, they brought their causes to the people.  They did not wait for elected officials to recognize the error of their ways and fix things, they stood up and demanded change.  They aired their grievances (which today is defined as "whining"), marched in the streets, told their story to anyone who would listen until change was made.

Neither one said that they were happy to simply have a job.

When did we become a nation of spineless employees?  When did we actually begin to say things like "at least I have a job" whenever we found our pay cut, our benefits reduced, our hours increased; and actually find comfort in such a weak statement?

I am not talking about us teachers, but Americans as a whole.  Look at these poor folks at American Airlines, who have made concession after concession to AMR since the first airline collapse in 2001, and yet 13,000 of them are still being laid off.  Some of those people spent the last decade reminding themselves that they had a job when AMR took their pay and benefits away.  Now what do they have?

It is time the workers of this nation retake their dignity, and stop telling themselves that having a job is simply good enough.  

Thank you all for your continued support,

Mr. Jones


  1. If you object to unfair treatment, you're an ingrate. If you seek equity and fair consideration, you're uppity. If you demand union security, you're un-American. If you rebel against repressive management tactics, they will lynch and scalp you. But if you are passive and patient, they will take advantage of both.
    -- Congressman William Clay, Sr.

  2. While it is very hard to do, we must never let such statements unrelated to our goals to get us down. Jobs with dignity that truly are focused on the goals that are stated up front are what humans have a right to. We must not be distracted. Here is a letter to the editor I sent in to the Morning News this morning. It may never be printed, but it says the truth!

    ========== 2-2-12 Letter to the editor ==================
    Regarding the 45 minutes mandated into a teacher's daily schedule, DISD blinked!

    Lack of administrative focus on student achievement was exposed. They didn't even have a goal-focused position statement on this change!

    Who is more focused on a student's achievement than their teacher, and hopefully their parents? With this change some of the freedom of teachers to focus their time most effectively on student achievement will be lost.

  3. Give 'em hell, Mr. Jones!

    1. Amen! You said the exact same thing I've been trying to get across to my coworkers who sit back and complain but do nothing!

  4. at some point in time we have to say enough is enough. I'm tired of not saying anything of just going along to get along. Its time to make a move. Stand up for ourselves..I"m glad I have a job and I got up this morning but I am not going to let someone walk all over me.

  5. As a babyboomer I am proud to fight this fight. The scare tactics, he secret meetings, the word of mouth directives, the daily rules that are passed to confuse and redirect the masses, all of these games need to stop and stop now! I encourage all people especially the baby-boomers, we have the knowledge, time and fight to save our educational system. Get informed to what is really going on at DISD and all over this country. Get angry and raise hell for our kids and for our dedicated teachers who are being literally harassed and bombbarded daily with rules, scare tactics (they can now be fired without reason nor recourse.
    We should not be having this conversation in the first place,it is insane and should not ever have it again.
    Yes, enough is enough on so many levels. Spread the

  6. I am glad that the administration begrudgingly reversed their decision to bully, intimidate, humiliate, and degrade and Unfair Evaluations for employees.
    Now hear this: It’s not over the administration at the puzzled palace and school board is sytmaticly elimination of older and more experience staff on all levels except upper administration.
    Are they engaged in?
    Employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Hostile Work Environment - Harassment - Retaliation -
    Disciplinary Actions - Unfair Evaluations - Denied Promotions - Termination
    5 years ago my acquaintance, in HR, informed me that Dallas I.S.D. was gearing up to not have any Teacher or At Will Staff with more than 5 years experience because that is when they start to get on higher pay scale. I laugh, and said what “about the good of the child” the administration is always quoting? She got very somber and said it’s all about the money, or more correctly money for administration. Not cracking a smile.
    5 years later I now know she was telling the truth. I think I am wasting my time working DISD. Now I will work 8 hrs no more no less no and no more duties during my lunch and no extra anything without $$$$$$$$$$. I know but why should I be any different than The Administration.

  7. Now I will work 8 hrs no more no less no and no more duties during my lunch and no extra anything without $$$$$$$$$$.

  8. Now I will work 8 hrs no more no less no and no more duties during my lunch and no extra anything without $$$$$$$$$$.
    YOU are INTO MY SET MIND!!!!!!!

  9. The school district it is already planning to retaliate against teachers that get sick on the 29th. A better solution would be all teachers take the remainder of their sick days randomly to the end of the year all teachers should use up all the days left for this year so they could not tell who is protesting and who is legitimately sick. The result would be much more effective they could hire enough substitutes. Being sick of the Dallas school board does not count. LOL Just call it passive aggressive.
    PS I know many teachers would catch up on grading they missed out while going to the daily meetings or in duty that will be scheduled during that 45 minute time extension. Friday or Monday would be great days to use!!!!!!!!!!! I see the sweat running down the school board and administrators face is now.