Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick response to the legal question

Regardless as to whether or not you agree with my interpretation of the law, our legal system is founded on the principle of "innocent until proven guilty." The burden of proof lies in the accuser. If someone claims that you are participating in an "illegal work stoppage" they must prove their claim. You do not have to prove that you were not breaking the law, they must prove you were. How will they prove you were not sick?

Do not give in to the fear mongering. District policy does not require a doctor's note if you are absent for one day. If asked, you were sick. End of story.

I will post again tonight.

Mr. Jones


  1. Mr. Jones, the "innocent until proven guilty" statement applies applies in a US court of law. An employer is under no such obligation. One can be dismissed at will, especially if on a provisional contract with the district. You are asking people to join your cause without fully informing them of the potential consequences of the sick-out.

  2. Mr. Jones you are a coward for not identifying yourself. If you are so confident of your opinion why not stand up and be counted?

  3. So "anonymous" says you are a coward for being "anonymous". Get real. The whole point is that they can't fire everyone. Get it? If the teachers aren't together, even anonymously, then they are doomed to be walked on in every respect. And by the way, its "innocent UNLESS proven guilty".

  4. If we don't want to call the approach cowardly, then we probably have to at least say it is a bit squirrely. If the cause is as just and noble as is being presented, and if "Mr. Jones" wants to style himself as the leader of a great movement, then he should be willing to take the risk of putting his name to it. Might he lose his job or be marginalized in other ways? Yes, that may happen. If the cause is not important enough to take that risk, then what is the purpose of all this?

  5. Based on information from Dallas ISD spokesman Jon Dahlander, a planned teacher sickout today was unsuccessful.

    "The percentage of Dallas ISD teachers who called in sick or who took a personal day today is 13 percent less than our regular average," Dahlander said via e-mail.

    Thank you teachers for not following through with this failure. My opinion is the note from Dahlander shows the massive majority are in agreement with the DISD school board.

    DISD Math Teacher

  6. Yes Mr Math teacher, I'm sure this is an indicator of teachers agreement that they need to be in the building 45min more and that this will somehow increase performance within the district. LOL!

  7. Mr. Dahlander stated in his interview on WFAA today that students needed more time with their teachers...did they finally decide what the extra 45 minutes will be used for? I still don't think it will be for teaching. Mr. Dahlander was also so full of praise for what a wonderful job DISD teachers do and have done that I am wondering why they felt the need to mandate the extra time. I mean if things are going as well as they say, then we are capable of doing the work without being micromanaged.

    Thank you Mr. Jones for getting us to talk and some of us to move.

  8. My opinion is Mr. Coward set teachers back with DISD. They will clam up on everything now. Had he done this by organizing and gathering facts before he started this misaligned uneducated effort it may have had a chance.

    You made a mockery at the DISD meetings with your Occupy members, acting unprofessional at their board room, and masked picketers.

    My 10th graders show more professionalism than you.

  9. Are you some kind of suck-up? A victim? Because if you are right, and this has "set them back" as you say, then that's exactly what the teachers of DISD are, victims. Like abused wives returning to the abusive husband.