Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can we keep moving forward?


First of all I would like to express my congratulations to Joseph Drake, who has been re-instated after being placed on administrative leave for expressing his grievances to DISD trustee Edwin Flores.  It is nice to see that the district is capable of reversing itself when it has made an error, now let's see if they can do it again.

To learn more:  http://www.wfaa.com/news/education/DISD-Reinstates-Teacher--138433879.html

It is also nice to see the union begin to take what some might call a stand.  When I came forward, they took a typical "let's sit on the sidelines and see who wins" approach by neither condemning nor condoning my call for action.  Now, they are calling the district out on some of their strong-armed tactics.


However, work is not yet done.  I realize that this blog is no longer the "flavor of the month" with our local news, and that is fine.  Local news is more entertainment, and this blog is becoming an old story.  Of course, that is what the board is counting on.  They are hoping that the public forgets, and that we forget.

The easiest way to kill any idea is to simply ignore it and let it fade into the background, and that appears to be the board's approach to the sick out.  They have not responded to any of my statements, whether directly or through the media. They figure that the public will lose interest, teachers will lose nerve (because, let's face it, we usually do), and February 29th will come and go as if nothing happened.  Americans tend to have a very short attention span and a rather flaky memory, and they are counting on us to make ourselves look ridiculous.  We always complain that the district is strong on words, but weak on action.  Let's not emulate them. 

I do not expect this blog or this topic to consume your every waking moment, but I urge you not to forget what we can accomplish if we work together.  Remind your friends to keep checking in and stay involved.

One last note, I would urge all of you to ask your facilities staff about the moves the district is making towards outsourcing them.  At a recent meeting, custodial staff was told that the department was doing everything it could to save money and save our custodians' jobs.  One man in attendance suggested that the department was top heavy, with too many executives with overlapping responsibilities.  He was told promptly he needed to "sit down."  We are not alone in being bullied, and we need to show our support for the hard working people who keep our buildings safe and presentable for our students.

Until tomorrow,

Mr. Jones



  1. While I admire your courage in starting this campaign, I feel it is ill-thought and rather reckless. I'm not saying I disagree with you, on the contrary, I agree with you on almost every issue and point you've raised. But I certainly don't agree with your methods and your call to have teachers call in sick on the 29th.

    I can only imagine the glee on our students' faces when they show up to school to find 1/3 of the staff gone. I imagine the troubled kids, the bullies, the aggressors will love the freedom that will ensue for a day as schools find themselves short staffed. After all, there will certainly not be enough subs to fill in for all the teachers you hope will be absent.

    And what about our well behaved kids, the ones that actually enjoy learning and love your class and see school as a safe haven from a troubled home? How safe are they going to feel on Feb. 29 when the professional role models they count on for structure, consistency, and safety are not around? Because you know very well we don't just teach, we keep our kids safe. On any given school day, we prevent fights, stand at metal detectors as we check backpacks for guns & knives, we stop students from getting beat, we stop bullies from taking control, we protect our students. Who will do that on the 29th?

    Mr. Jones, I work for the district, I know your frustrations, but asking for teachers to call in is just about as irresponsible and inconsiderate as anything the board members have put on us. I hope you reconsider.

  2. What you stated in your 3rd paragraph is exactly what the board needs to consider. We are overlooked and seen as a burden, so maybe a sick out will help them realize how necessary we are to the whole educational profession. Teachers have seem to be left out of the equation when it comes to education. Let the administrators figure out how to run a classroom. I love my profession, but I refuse to be used, then tossed away because some chief in administration can't make a budget. I understand completely what you're saying when it comes to leaving our kids, but what other alternative is there?

  3. The school board should consider what would happen if hundreds of people didn't show up for work...I guess they would have to pull administrators to get in those classrooms to keep them in line....I hope the board comes to its senses before February 29, 2011

  4. If DISD decides not to change they will not have administrators serve as subs. They will follow the other school district that did this and just close the school for students. Staff and teachers will still have to report to school though.

  5. The role of administration and the school board is to provide an environment where students can be taught and educated. Their function is not to control teachers. Since they are obviously not providing the environment for teaching and education, they then bully the teachers as the "cause" of them not doing their jobs. The administration and the school board serve the teachers, not visa versa. The sick out might remind them of that.

  6. I am a teacher in another district. What are the hours of work required now? For next year? Just curious. I cannot see how it is even legal for the hours to increase this year!

    1. It is obvious Dallas does not care about legality. A school board member insults every employee in Dallas Then hides behind Administration Skirts.he should apologize to all district employees, for his Lack of knowledge comments. He obviously does not know anything about employees Workday. We will Teach him something about election day.