Sunday, January 29, 2012

First day Report

One the first day alone there have been 28 readings of the primary post in about twelve hours!

I have created a Facebook page to accompany this blog, under the name "Joe Jones".  The address is  Friends on the page are hidden.

Also, comments on this blog are enabled for everyone, and followers are not listed on the site.  I wouldn't expect anyone to take more risks than I am taking myself.

Keep spreading the word!


1 comment:

  1. The school district it is already planning to retaliate against teachers that get sick on the 29th. A better solution would be all teachers take the remainder of their sick days randomly to the end of the year all teachers should use up all the days left for this year so they could not tell who is protesting and who is legitimately sick. The result would be much more effective they could hire enough substitutes. Being sick of the Dallas school board does not count. LOL Just call it passive aggressive.
    PS I know many teachers would catch up on grading they missed out while going to the daily meetings or in duty that will be scheduled during that 45 minute time extension. Friday or Monday would be great days to use!!!!!!!!!!! I see the sweat running down the school board and administrators face is now.