Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Call to Arms! Report the Waste!

Hello all,

I think it's time to turn up the heat a little, but I need your help.  This is a big project, so like we tell the kids, "put your thinking cap on and bring your A-game."

I am trying to compile a collection of examples of Dallas ISD wasteful practices.  Any stories you have can be helpful, but what is even better is memos, e-mails, or other official statements you have that clearly demonstrate the waste of taxpayer dollars.  Any information you have is good information, even if you think it is nothing.  You might be surprised how a couple of hundreds of dollars of waste on your campus could be part of a larger pattern of mismanagement of funds.

I know we have all seen things that make us shake our head and grumble, "those idiots."  Now it is time to bring it to the light.  Think of the many times you have seen something ridiculous and said, "For the cost of those we could have saved someone's job."

NOTE:  I hate to go into an all caps rage here, but DO NOT E-MAIL ME FROM YOUR DALLASISD.ORG ACCOUNT!  If you have emails or attachments to send, cut and paste the text into a word document and send it using your personal e-mail account, or set up a dummy e-mail if you want to remain anonymous.  I will work to compile all the examples to show a complete picture of the waste that has cost us, the people, and our students so much!

And spread the word!  I know that, together, we can provide millions of dollars of examples of wasteful practices!


Thanks again!

-Mr. Jones


  1. I would have to say the most wasteful thing was building all these elementary schools. Salazar Elementary was built between Lida Hooe and Cowart Elementary. Both school had at least 1100 students and Lida Hooe had a mini city of portables. Lida Hooe lost 6th grade students which brought enrollment down to about 430. Cowart still has 6th grade and their enrollment is about 600 or more. Lida Hooe is an OLD building...why didn't the district just move Lida Hooe to the Salazar building or make it a middle school to hold students from both schools??

  2. is there a mailing address? i could box up and mail you the piles and piles of memos and flyers we get handed after being emailed the exact same documents. or how about when the heat runs when its hot and the airconditioner running when its cold out. that probably makes for high energy bills unnecessarily.

  3. If you want to get to the heart of the waste and corrupt monetary practices, get into the accounting and budget offices. I indirectly knew of a guy who worked in a DISD accounting related position and finally had to quit because of the unethical things he/she was being told to do or ignore.

  4. Dr. V, is there any way you could help Mr. Jones get in touch with this person?

  5. Umm.. this is kind of an obvious one, but there was this field trip a couple of days ago... you may have heard of it.

  6. My classroom was 54 degrees last October. Teachers at my school regularly open their windows to let out excess heat or cold or actually plug the vents. I bought scarves and hats for kids to wear in my classroom in September!

    Further, the new hand dryers at my school make it sound like I am teaching next to Love Field! The construction on the bathrooms took several extra months because the tile (which can be marked on with a pencil and everything else) had to be imported from Germany!

    Construction is definately a money pit, but ALL of the vending seems wrong to me. The student store is forced to do business at higher prices for lower quality and worse customer service than if the dealt with the Sam's club up the street. The librarians tell me that all of the equipment and materials they buy (in bulk) are higher than retail!